Blue Lagoon Copper Electrolyzer

The Blue Lagoon Copper Electrolyzer will clean the water in your swimming pool through copper electrolysis. We recommend to use this device in combination with a UV-C device for the best result. The Blue Lagoon Copper Electrolyzer will, before the water goes back to the pool, be mounted between the pipes. The swimming pool water then flows through the housing of the Blue Lagoon Copper Electrolyzer.

A copper unit, or Electrolyzer, is positioned within the housing, and the copper unit discharges a minimal amount of copper into the water flowing through the housing. These copper ions (Cu2+) in the water have a positive charge and destroy the cell walls of algae, bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms. As the cell wall is thereby damaged, these organisms are no longer able to take up any nutrients, and are therefore unable to multiply. The process of applying a positive charge to copper is called copper electrolysis. The copper in the water acts as a disinfecting buffer in your swimming pool. Thanks to the Blue Lagoon Copper Electrolyzer, your swimming pool water will be disinfected efficiently and safely, and the quality of your water will remain excellent.
Blue lagoon UV-C Spa
Advantages of the Blue Lagoon Copper Electrolyzer
• The copper unit will last for two swimming seasons (+/- 4000 hours)
• Easy installation and maintenance
• Ideal for use in combination with UV-C

Technical specifications Copper Electrolyzer
Pool capacity max 120.000 L
Max. flow 10.000 l/h
Max Copper 0,8 p.p.m.
Max. pressure 1 bar
Max temp 50˚C
Minimale temperatuur 0˚C
Connection Ø 48 / Ø 50 mm
Length device 35 cm